Cass Gilbert Society


About the Cass Gilbert Society

The desire to form the Cass Gilbert Society began in the fall of 1997 when a number of representatives of prestigious organizations visited St. Paul, Minnesota, to view the State Capitol. These delegates from the US Federal Courts System, the Smithsonian Institution and the US Supreme Court collaborated on a project to celebrate the centennial of Cass Gilbert in New York City. In St. Paul, they held discussions with the MN Historical Society and the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board. Many hoped that the Symposium planned for New York City might make Minnesota a third leg of a journey from NYC to Washington DC. Although this did not happen, there were other outcomes resulting from this visit.

A group of homeowners, neighbors, friends and history buffs began meeting to determine how they might honor Cass Gilbert in Minnesota. Cass Gilbert spent the first half of his career in Minnesota, and many of his buildings here remain a rich legacy.

Cass Gilbert Society was incorporated in 1998. The organization is a registered 317A Minnesota private non-profit corporation with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the nation’s cultural heritage through advancing scholarship and appreciation of Cass Gilbert’s contribution to American architecture.

Our membership includes enthusiasts from New York City to the West Coast.