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Geoffrey Blodgett. "Oberlin College Architecture: A Short History." This online guide is an updated excerpt from his article which appeared in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine (May/June 1979).


Geoffrey Blodgett. Oberlin Architecture, College and Town: A Guide to its Social History (Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio, 1985). Blodgett's guide to the architecture of Oberlin College is the definitive work on the subject.


Geoffrey Blodgett. “Cass Gilbert, Architect: Conservative at Bay.” Journal of American History 72 no. 3 (December 1985): pp 615-636. An interesting perspective on Gilbert’s career from a long-time Oberlin historian. This journal is available through JSTOR.


Geoffrey Blodgett. “Cass Gilbert and Julia Finch: Falling in Love in the 1880s.” Minnesota History 57 (Spring 2000): 38-50. A biographical snapshot placed in historical context. (PDF)


Geoffrey Blodgett. Cass Gilbert: The Early Years (Saint Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2001). A highly readable account of Gilbert’s life and career before his move to New York.


Barbara Snowden Christen. “Cass Gilbert and the Ideal of the City Beautiful: City and Campus Plans, 1900 to 1916.” (Ph.D. diss., City University of New York, 1997). Discussion of Gilbert’s plans for New Haven and Waterbury, Connecticut, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Texas, among others. Unbound copies of dissertations can be ordered online through ProQuest dissertation express for $41.00:


Barbara Christen and Steven Flanders, eds. Cass Gilbert Life and Work: Architect of the Public Domain (New York: W. W. Norton, 2001). The most comprehensive assessment to date of Gilbert’s career from a variety of perspectives. Essays by nineteen authors, expanded from presentations at a symposium held in New York City in November 1998.


Barbara S. Christen. “Patronage, Politics and Civic Identity: The Development of Cincinnati’s Union Central Life Insurance Company Building.” Ohio Valley History 9 no. 2 (Summer 2009): 54-77.


William A. Coles. “The History of America’s Greatest Fountain: The Scott Memorial Fountain on Belle Isle, Detroit.” Classical America 3 (1973): 5-26.


Patty Dean. "Unique and Handsome': Cass Gilbert's Designs for the Montana Club." Drumlummon Views. (Spring-Summer 2006): 158-176. Patty Dean’s article on Cass Gilbert’s Montana Club, available online in the Drumlummon Views, is also available in a handsomely illustrated offprint available for $6.50 through the Drumlummon Institute,


Andrew Dolkart, Matthew A. Postal. Guide to New York City Landmarks. (New York: New York City Landmarks Preservation Foundation and John Wiley & Sons, 2004)


Lorrie Dong. "Battle Hall Project." (University of Texas at Austin. 2008). Graduate student Lorrie Dong assembled a compendium of Battle Hall-related documents, including scans of original drawings from the University's archives. Description:; Timeline:; Collection of Drawings:


Kathryn B. Eckert. Buildings of Michigan (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993).


Gail Fenske. “The ‘Skyscraper Problem’ and the City Beautiful: The Woolworth Building.” (Ph.D. diss., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988). A scholarly and contextual assessment of Gilbert’s most famous building.


Gail Fenske. The Skyscraper and the City: The Woolworth Building and the Making of Modern New York (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008). This expands and refines the content and analysis of Fenske’s Ph.D. dissertation.


Lois A. Glewwe, ed. South St. Paul Centennial 1887-1987: The History of South St. Paul, Minnesota (South St. Paul Area Chapter, Dakota County Historical Society, 1987).


Nadine Goff. "Central High Arch Gets Tuneup: The Remnant of the Bygone School Has Deep Nostalgic Significance for Alumni." State Journal, October 31, 2007.


Margaret Heilbrun, ed. Inventing the Skyline: The Architecture of Cass Gilbert (New York: New-York Historical Society and Columbia University Press, 2000). A beautifully illustrated collection of essays, published in conjunction with an exhibit of Gilbert’s work at the New-York Historical Society.


Jeffrey A. Hess and Paul Clifford Larson. St. Paul’s Architecture: A History (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2006).


Henry-Russell Hitchcock and William Seale. Temples of Democracy: State Capitols of the U.S.A. (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976).


Sharon Irish. "A ‘Machine That Makes the Land Pay’: The West Street Building in New York." Technology and Culture 30 (April 1989): 376-397. Available at JSTOR.


Sharon Irish. “West Hails East: Cass Gilbert in Minnesota.” Minnesota History 53 (Spring 1993): 196-207. A good assessment of Gilbert’s Minnesota career. (PDF)


Sharon Irish. Cass Gilbert Architect: Modern Traditionalist (New York: Monacelli Press, 1999). The first published monograph on Gilbert and his work.


Robert A. Jones. Cass Gilbert: Midwestern Architect in New York (New York: Arno Press, 1982). Reprint of Jones’s Ph.D. diss., Case Western Reserve University, 1976.


Paul Clifford Larson. Cass Gilbert Abroad: The Young Architect’s European Tour (Afton, Minn.: Afton Press, 2002). Letters and sketches from Gilbert’s first European tour.


John M. Lindley. “Crawford Livingston, Colonel Chauncey W. Griggs and Their Roles in St. Paul History.” Ramsey County History 34 no. 3 (Fall 1999): 4-27


Library of Congress. "Cass Gilbert Papers, 1841-1961." The LOC has over 9,000 items available in the Manuscript Reading Room. Online finding aid:


Don Lochbiler. "Detroit's Fountain of Mirth." (The Detroit News November 7, 1997)


Library of Congress. Photos and Data pages for Ives Memorial Library


Library of Congress. Photos and Data pages for A. J. Seligman House


Library of Congress. Photos and Data pages for West Virginia Capitol


Larry Millett. Lost Twin Cities (Saint Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1992).


Larry Millett. AIA Guide to the Twin Cities (Saint Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2007).


Minnesota Board of State Capitol Commissioners. "An Inventory of Its Records. 1892-1914." Records pertaining to the construction of the Minnesota State Capitol Building are contained in 13 boxes, 4 oversize folders, and 7 oversize sheets in 1 roll, available at the Minnesota Historical Society. The detailed finding aid is available at (PDF)


Minnesota Historical Society. "Cass Gilbert Papers." MNHS has 23 boxes, and 2 unboxed oversize folders from the St. Paul offices of Cass Gilbert, dating from 1882 to 1934 (most from 1882 to 1910). 28351?func=full-set-set&set_number=336778&set_entry=000006&format=999


“Book Review.” Minnesota History 44 (Fall 1974): 115. A book review by the Minnesota Historical Society of Minnesota's State Capitol: The Art and Politics of a Public Building by Neil B. Thompson. (PDF)


“Book Review.” Minnesota History 58 (Winter 2002-03): 241-242. A book review by the Minnesota Historical Society of two of the most important published works on Cass Gilbert, Geoffrey Blodgett's Cass Gilbert: The Early Years and Cass Gilbert Life and Work: Architect of the Public Domain, edited by Barbara S. Christen and Steven Flanders. (PDF)


William Towner Morgan. “The Politics of Business in the Career of an American Architect: Cass Gilbert, 1878 to 1905.” (Ph.D. diss., University of Minnesota, 1972). The first dissertation written on Cass Gilbert. It focuses on his Minnesota and early New York work


Samuel H. Morgan. “Timber. Steel, Law, and Politics: St. Paul’s Pioneering Attorneys and Their More Interesting Cases.” Ramsey County History 33 no. 4 (Winter 1999): 4-13.


Montana Historical Society. "Guide to the Cass Gilbert Papers, 1902-1910." Finding Aid. "Cass Gilbert" search


Patricia A. Murphy. “The Early Career of Cass Gilbert, 1879 to 1895.” (M.A. Thesis, University of Virginia, 1979). A pioneering scholarly work on Gilbert’s early career.


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for Battle Hall, South Mall, University of Texas campus 1970 Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF). NOTE: As of 8/2010, this record had not yet been digitized.


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for Fargo Northern Pacific Railroad Station (1975) Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for Keeler Tavern (Cannonball House) (1982) Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for New Haven Railroad Station (1975) Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for New York Life Insurance Co. Building (2000); Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF)


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for The Seaside (1995); Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Summary for Cordenio Severance House (Cedarhurst) (1976):


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for Waterbury Municipal Center Complex, including City Hall and Chase Brass and Copper Building (1978); Text: (PDF), Photos: (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form for the Woolworth Building (1978); Text: (PDF), Photos:] (PDF).


National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Summary for West Virginia Capitol Complex (1974): (PDF)


Northwest Architectural Archives, Manuscripts Division. "Cass Gilbert Collection." Collection contains studies of the University of Minnesota campus plans and plans for the Roselawn Cemetery. The collection is located at 213 Elmer L. Andersen Library, University of Minnesota, 222 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Finding aid:


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. United States Courthouse (LP-0883). (New York: City of New York, 1975). Available at (PDF)


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Woolworth Building (LP-1273) (New York: City of New York, 1983). Report available at: (PDF)


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Woolworth Building, First Floor Interior (LP-1274) (New York: City of New York, 1983). Report available at: (PDF)


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Broadway Chambers Building (LP-1753) (New York: City of New York, 1992) Report available at: (PDF)


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.West Street Building (LP-1984) (New York: City of New York, 1998). Report available at: (PDF)


New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. New York Life Insurance Company Building. (LP-2067) (New York: City of New York, 2000). Report available at: (PDF)


New York Historical Society. "Cass Gilbert Collection." The NYHS has 380 linear feet of items available to qualified researchers. Online information about the collection: Cass Gilbert Collection. Finding Aid: CGC Finding Aid. Architectural Drawings: CG Drawings


The New York Times "Woman's Gift To New Haven" (Oct. 30, 1906)


"Allen Memorial Art Museum Teacher Resource Packet – AMAM 1917 Building." Oberlin College has prepared a Teacher Resource Packet on the the Allen Memorial Art Museum. The packet is essentially an essay containing valuable photos and thoughtful research on the building. (PDF)


Oberlin College. Campus Photoguide: Dudley Peter Allen Memorial Art Building.


Oberlin College Archives. Cass Gilbert Papers, 1903-1982." Oberlin College has a collection of papers related to Cass Gilbert's designs for the college.


Oberlin College. Campus Photoguide: Jacob Dolson Cox Administration Building.


Oberlin College. Campus Photoguide: Finney Memorial Chapel.


Oberlin College. Campus Photoguide: Allen Memorial Hospital.


Oberlin College. Campus Photoguide: Theological Quadrangle.


Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, June to November 1898: Illustrating the Progress of the West (Omaha, Nebraska, 1898)


Omaha Public Libray. "Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition" (Digital Collections, 1989). The F.A. Rinehart Photograph Collection contains stunning images of the temporary exposition.


Thomas O’Sullivan. North Star Statehouse: An Armchair Guide to the Minnesota State Capitol (Saint Paul: Pogo Press, 1994). This book focuses on the artworks found in the State Capitol.


Jess R. Peterson. Omaha’s Trans-Mississippi Exposition (Mount Pleasant, S.C.: Arcadia Publishing, 2003)


James Grafton Rogers. “Cordenio Arnold Severance" American Bar Leaders” (American Bar Association, 1932). (PDF)


Ernest R. Sandeen. St. Paul’s Historic Summit Avenue (1974. Reprint, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2004).


Pamela Scott and Antoinette Lee. Buildings of the United States: Buildings of the District of Columbia (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993).


Neil B. Thompson. Minnesota's State Capitol: The Art and Politics of a Public Building (1974. New edition, Saint Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2004).


University of Texas. "A Summary of Campus Planning." A reproduction of an early sketch for the Library building is on page four. (PDF)


Samuel G. White. The Houses of McKim, Mead & White (New York: Rizzoli, 1998).